Welcome to Uppsala Kendo

Uppsala Kendo Hokushinkan was founded in 1985 by sensei Lars Lindin, who had been learning and training kendo in Japan during the 1970’s.

The club currently holds about 90 members and its training covers all skill levels from beginner to the experienced and from children to adults. One of the head instructors of the club is part of the Swedish national kendo team and competes both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in starting training kendo, please feel free to join our club or contact us for more information. If you’re already a fellow kendoka looking for a place to train, we’ll be happy to see you drop by at the dojo! You can check our training schedule or drop us a mail to check when we’re in the dojo. We hold trainings in English when preferred by those present. You can see pictures of us and our dojo at our Facebook page.

Rental equipment (do, tare, kote, men) may be provided to club members or visiting kendoka. Shinai and tenugui are usually available for purchase.

Head instructors are Martin Agback (4 dan), Matz Andersson (4 dan), Jimmy Cedervall (5 dan), Henrik Johansson (4 dan) and Per Ybo (4 dan).

Hanging out after training

We’d love to talk to you. Come by when we train and say hello!

The club is a non-profit organization affiliated with YWCA-YMCA of Uppsala. It is also affiliated with the Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation, which is included in the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet).